Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Mindstorms Building Instructions

I've seen some really cool robots created over the past few years. Alot of times I try to emulate their creations and make them myself. The problem however is that I just can't seem to nail down exactly how the robot was put together.

Recently I stumbled upon a website that has a pretty creative idea of showcasing robots and giving users the exact instructions on how to build them. The website is called "Mindstorms Building Instructions."

Each creation that is featured is listed with a title, description, and full set of building instructions via Brickshelf. Furthermore, it is listed if that robot can be made with the usual 8527 kit. Then each set of instructions is rated in bricks on it's dificulty with one stud being the lowest and three the highest. Finally, there is a catagory for a NXT-Gprogram, if provided by the creator.

You can find the Mindstorms Building Instructions website at:

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