Saturday, June 16, 2007

Mindstorms Cellular Bluetooth NXT Control

With the addition of the bluetooth technology in the Mindstorms NXT system a whole new area of control was opened. The guys over at LEGO have introduced bluetooth support for the Mindstorms NXT system in the area of bluetooth enabled cell phones.

Recently, LEGO has made available their NXT Mobile Application that allows you to control your robot wirelessly via bluetooth technology. According to their specifications the following cell phones are supported:

  • Nokia: 6680, 3230
  • Sony Ericson: W800i, W550i, K610i, K800i, K750i, Z710i, Z550i, K510i
  • BenQ-Siemens: CX75, X75
With the software provided by LEGO, you can control your robot in two different modes: remote control and program control. In the remote control setting you can direct and drive your robot with a joystick/command wheel. On the other hand, in program control, you can select what program you want the NXT to run and then use the numbers to send the NXT messages during the program.

It's amazing to see what LEGO has done with bluetooth in the NXT system. With such great innovations already, I'm excited to see what the future holds for bluetooth and the NXT!

Check out the official LEGO Mindstorms NXT Mobile Application page for more info and downloads.

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