Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sharing Your Creations

The NXTLOG is a fully moderated community set up on where users can share their creations with the rest of the world. The basic idea of the NXTLOG is to share your projects, archive the results, and get inspiration from other people's inventions.

The four step process to sharing your creations as described by Lego:

  1. Build your project!
  2. Document what you did. Take pictures, make notes, describe problems and how you overcame them.
  3. Build your NXTLOG. Register with Lego and start a new project log. Post pictures, code, descriptions, notes, and programs for your new project. Tag your project so that others can find it easily. Finally, publish your NXTLOG for the rest of the world to see!
  4. Check out your personal projects that are now online to share with everyone.
You can find the NXTLOG's and more information over at Lego's website:

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