Saturday, August 19, 2006

BrixCC and Next Byte Codes get updates for NXT

Over at the Lugnet forums, John Hanson has announced that the newest BrixCC version is available along with an updated version of NBC version 1.0.1.b5. However, the most exciting release of the day is the source code release for NBC. Read what John had to say...

I have today made the current test release of BricxCC (with a few minor
NBC-related changes) into an official release (version

I have also released a new beta of NBC (1.0.1.b5) which includes improvements in the built-in preprocessor (parameterized macros and multi-line macros). I will have binaries for Mac OSX and Linux up later today. This new version of NBC is included in the latest BricxCC release as is an updated version of NQC (not yet available on the NQC site) that fixes a minor LASM code listing bug. This NBC beta also fixes a few small problems with unbalanced #ifdef/#endif pairs and improves the error handling for mal-formed #include lines. I also updated the NXTDefs.h file with the additional IOMap offsets. NBC has been successfully compiled on Win32, Mac OSX, and Linux platforms using the Free Pascal compiler. Built-in downloading is currently only supported on the Win32 platform but I am working on a Free Pascal-based library (built on libusb) which will enable downloading on non-Win32 platforms soon.

On the NBC samples page there are two new zips. One contains a few simple examples of controlling NXT motors using the Tachometer limit feature (two of which are written by Philo). The other new zip is called and it contains a ton of library code written by Joe Kinsella. Awesome stuff.

I have also today released the latest BricxCC sourcecode. This sourcecode
release includes Free Pascal-compliant sourcecode for NBC, RXEDumper, MidiBatch, and Wav2Rso as well as Win32-specific code for several other programmable brick utilities (such as BrickTool and NeXTTool).

Please feel free to spread the word on your blogs that if folks want to flood the NXT world with freely available and open source high level language compilers the sourcecode for NBC is finally available.

John Hansen

Quoted from this post:

You can find the new versions over at the BrixCC Sourceforge page located here:

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