Saturday, August 05, 2006

Next Byte Codes aka NBC

Are you a programmer looking for a more functional and structured code for the NXT? Well, look no longer because NBC (Next Byte Codes) is the language for you! The NBC code is based on the wildly popular NQC (Not Quite C) for the RCX. That means those who have coded before in NQC can now easily learn NBC...

Quoting the developers of NBC, "NBC (Next Byte Codes) is a programming language for the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT product. NBC's syntax is based on assembler programming languages, so experienced assembler programmers (or just about any programmers) should find it very easy to get started with. Even if you aren't an experienced programmer, NBC is relatively easy to learn." Source

While NBC is run and compiled from the command line, it also can be interfaced with BricxCC Command Center to give it a graphical front end.

If you are interested in NBC you can find more information and download it from the BricxCC Sourceforge page. In addition you can also find sample programming on the website.

Just a quick note: NBC is also 100% absolutely free. It is released under a Mozilla Public License

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